A Snippet on Scripture

Scripture does this little dance. On the one hand, it represents God—literally presents us again and again with God—so that we who have seen God because of the stories it tells can say that we know this God. One the other hand, it insists that this same God, who was living and active in these stories of the past, is living and active today—and so cannot be reduced to the past or its stories. It presents us with icons of the depth of the activity of God—and then breaks them such that we cannot worship the images. Each image, the deeper we follow its lines, forces us out of itself. And this is the nature of the kind of thing that scripture is. Scripture is a field guide for those who rely on the presence of the God who is Spirit in the world.


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    1. Thanks! It bears fruit planted at least in part by your dealing with Webster lately, combined with my wrestling with pneumatology.


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