Breaking the Fourth Wall: Remodeling

I hate breaking the "fourth wall" in blog posts. I'd much rather use this space for the real work, and tell you about the blog on separate dedicated pages. And so, usually, when I retool the site, I do it silently. But I've been thinking quite a lot lately about theoblogging and what it is I do here. And a Twitter conversation yesterday between Travis, Jason, Derek, and a few others has pushed me to change some things.

My last retool of the site made it a bit more pretentious than it needs to be. I was too focused on trying to make an impression. I don't need this place to be my resume any more than it naturally is. Read the work, and you'll see -- who I am is what I do. And before the last remodel, this had been very much a "beta site" for working theology. In fact, it never really stopped being that. I've gotten more polished over the years in ways that have nothing to do with posturing before an audience, even though I still have a good bit of polishing yet to do. But the whole point here has always been to let the rough edges show as much as the shiny things.

So I've gone back to that mentality in the hopes that it keeps me a bit more faithful to the calling that I exercise here. This is, as the subtitle says, "a drafting room and workshop for Bible, theology, and philosophy." And I'm damn well going to be honest about it! The narrative CV is still up under "Vita Brevis," but I never liked what I had under "Rationale," no matter how many times I fiddled with it. Always either too boastful or too apologetic. So I got rid of it. In its place is the answer to a simple question, "What Is This Place?"

Also, I've kind of given up on begging for comments. If I say something worth reading and responding to, you're certainly welcome to chat me up in the comments thread. But I have no blessed clue how to write to stimulate conversation here on the blog, and lately, the best feedback I get comes to me completely outside of it. So I've added an invitation at the top, "Ask Me Something!" And maybe you will, and maybe you won't, but my door is open to you.


  1. Thanks. I'm still not sure what "the new format" will look like beyond the changes I've started with, but we'll see how the new attitude changes my writing.


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