Abandon creativity and good sense, but stay on message.

Oh, I don't mean today's politics -- no, I mean Paul. Let's have some words for the wise, shall we, from the first speech to the assembly of God in Corinth, 1:17-2:9

Christ did not send me to baptize. Christ sent me to announce good news -- and not with semantic creativity, so that I do not abandon the cross of Christ. You see, to dying people, the language of the cross is idiocy. But to people who are being rescued -- namely us -- it is the power of God.

So it is written,
“I will destroy the creativity of the creative,
and displace the common sense of the sensible."
Where is the creative one? The writer? The modern conversationalist? Has not God stupefied the world's creativity? Indeed, when by God's creativity the world did not know God through creativity, God condescended to save those who trust -- solely through the idiocy of the announcement.

When Judeans ask for signs, and Hellenes look for creativity, we announce the Christ, crucified. This is a scandal to Judeans, and idiocy to the nations -- but to those who are called, both Judeans and Hellenes, the Christ is God's power and God's creativity. Why? Because God's idiocy is more creative, and God's weakness stronger, than the people.

Look at your call story, siblings. You were not very creative, by the looks of you -- not very capable, not very noble. But God selected the world's idiots to dishonor the creative. And God selected the world's weak to dishonor the strong. And God selected the world's ignoble and contemptible, those who have not, to hinder those who have -- so that no flesh shall boast before God.

So it is because of God that you are in Christ Jesus, who became creativity for us from God -- justice as well as sanctification and redemption -- so that, just as it is written, “the one who boasts may boast in the Lord.”

And when I came to you, siblings, I did not come declaring God's evidence to you with elevated language or creativity -- because I did not choose to know anything among you except Jesus the Christ, and him crucified.

And so with weakness, fear, and great trembling, I became for you both my language and my preaching -- not by persuasive speeches of creativity, but by spiritual and powerful exhibition, so that your trust might not be in popular creativity, but in the power of God.

Now, we present creativity among the perfect -- but not creativity of this age, nor of the hindering rulers of this age. Rather, we present the creativity of God in secret, hidden things -- things that God prepared for our glory in advance of this age, things none of the rulers of this age know. Because if they knew -- well, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.

No, we do not present the creativity of this age, but rather, just as it is written,
“What eye has not seen and ear has not heard;
What has not dawned upon the human mind:
What God has prepared for those who love Him.”


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