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Conversion, and Reversion

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My Economic Platform

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Criteria in "Lower" Criticism

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Listening to Grammar, Too: Heb 2:11-15

Listening to Greek Syntax: Heb 2:9

Understanding TULIP from Outside

The Duty of Culture

Paul and Genesis 2ff.

What is a Science?

What Kind of Science?

The Problem with Divine Command Theories

Bits of Trinity

Divine Fatherhood and True Family

Human Nature as Purely External?

Barth in Meta-ethical Terms, part VI: Euthyphro

Sin and Free Will

Healing Faith

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Barth in Meta-ethical Terms, part III: Problems with Non-naturalism

Touching Moral Non-naturalism Again

Barth in Meta-ethical Terms, part II: Non-naturalist Realism

Barth in Meta-ethical Terms, part I

The Judaism of the Opening of Hebrews

Sourcing Hebrews and the "Pauline" Canon


The Power and the Name, the Healing and the Love: Easter 4B

"Sin is lawlessness"? Est-il vrai?

Failure Never Has the Final Word

Overcoming Failure: Easter 2B (8va)

The Institutions of Redemption: Maundy Thursday

The League of Amateur Rationalizers

The Triumphal Entry: Liturgy of the Palms B

The Conditional Sentence in John 12:26

God Gives Better Than You Have

The Redeeming God: Lent 5B

The "Satis Est" as Dogmatic Ethics

For No Other Reason Than That God is Good

"And I, When I am Lifted Up...": Lent 4B

Things All Too Familiar: Lent 3B

Atonement by Redemption in Romans 3

Redeemed and Empowered Toward Trust

Children of Abraham: Lent 2B

No Double Jeopardy with God

Through the Waters to New Life

Readings for Baptismal Theology: Lent 1B

Translations for Ash Wednesday

God does not leave you on your own.

Translations for Transfiguration

The Subjective Authority of Scripture

Qualifying Orthos Doxa

Torah, Prophets and Scribes

Talking About the Past in Greek (and not Latin)

Teaching Mark as Script -- Scene by Scene

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