Two Rules -- a Caveat

Rule number 1 is:

"If you want to state a given argument, you may, but listen to the answer."

To do otherwise is to demonstrate that you are wasting my time.

Rule number 2 is:

"Don't get cheap."

It won't get you out of the argument you've made, and if persistently deployed, it further cements the opinion that you are wasting my time.

If you violate rule number 2 and aren't being an ass, please follow rule number 1, and try to say something intelligent of your own between instances in which you break rule number 2. This shows me that you are not only capable of learning, but that you are willing to learn. That, I can work with.

When in doubt, I will argue you into the ground, on the basic presumption that you can learn. If you follow rule number 1, and keep arguing, I will be confirmed in this opinion of you. This means that even if you keep violating rule number 2, I will take a certain joy in the event of arguing with you -- because it suggests to me that I may learn something. I will take you at dead earnest, and play the game out as far as rule number 1 allows. I might even start to like you.

All that said, if we keep following this procedure, I'm going to be playing the "rational arguments" game at full strength. If you want to have an engagement on some other basis, just say so, and we'll go play that game instead.


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