The church and the dynamic of salvation

The church has no necessary participation in the economy of salvation.  I wish to be clear: the church is not a necessity in the relationship between God and creation.  The communion of the people of God is a consequence of salvation.  It is a result, by no means an ordained one, and in no way a mediation.  It is, on the other hand, a key place in which we act out our being-in-the-dynamic-of-salvation.  It is, at its best, the place par excellence of that mode of being, the place designed by and for that mode of being in preference over all others.  As such, it is the place of the sacraments.  As such, it is the place of the gospel.  It is the place in which we participate in God's given means of grace because of salvation already achieved in Christ and being acted out under the Spirit.  It is the exemplary realm of ethical being-in-the-world on the basis of being-in-the-dynamic-of-salvation.  Or at least, it can be.


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