Taubes' Paul ... and mine: 2

Enemies: inimicus or hostis? Private or public enemies? Why in the hell should it make a difference to God? Neither as personal antipathy nor as social group antipathy can Romans 11:28 have any relevance to the relationship of the people before God. I have to disagree with this basic component of the Taubes-Schmitt discussion.

Romans 11:28-32:
Concerning the proclamation, they are inimical because of you, but concerning the election, they are beloved because of the patriarchs, for the graciousness and the calling of God are irrevocable. Indeed, just as you were once unpersuaded with respect to God, and now you have been shown mercy for the sake of these unpersuaded, so also these now have been unpersuaded for the sake of your mercy, so that they too shall receive mercy. For God bound everyone up together in unpersuadedness, in order to show mercy to everyone.

Opposition to the proclamation and mission -- to the drawing in of the goyim across a boundary which could not so easily be transgressed before Christ -- has caused what may well even be a communal antipathy, and enmity between groups, but it is an internal Judean conflict. And despite their enmity, it is not permissible to denigrate and destroy these who are apeithoi when it comes to Jesus as the Christ. The election remains, and there is reason to love them as God loves them, who has elected them in their ancestors, just as you have now been elected and joined to their ancestral line.


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