New creation (emphasis)

Somehow, over the past year, I've fallen into a fairly stable orbit around the doctrine of creation. I didn't plan it, it just has sort of happened. And there's good support for it happening, what with being the Sittler fellow and involved in all these green circles, and the fact that I set out to be in religion and science in the first place, lo these many years ago, and have landed in the Zygon Center. But the key thing for me was doing my Barth exam, and becoming enthralled with CD III.4, and creation ethics.

So right now I'm inching my way through the whole of volume III, and it occurs to me that I hear very little anywhere about III.1. Plenty of work on III.2. Again very little on III.3. And then we come to III.4, with another glut of work (relatively speaking). So part of my summer project (therefore also part of exam/dissertation prep) is reading the whole blessed volume and coming out with a larger thematic sense of it. And let me tell you, even at my during-semester crawl because of everything else that has to get done, III.1 is revelatory. And part of me wonders why this view isn't more represented in the field.

Now, another part of me realizes that Frei and Lindbeck blew out the narrative vein in their own ways, and so there's stereotyped resistance to the thoroughgoing narrative understanding of creation. Die Sage has been taken as its own methodological basis, and after Dibelius and Bultmann and friends (and enemies, for that matter), who can blame them? But I find Hefner's creation exposition reflective, and I've got Reumann on my list. The question is the same one, for me, that I come to when I try to describe my growing theological method as "narrative theology" -- that name is taken, find another one. Theological narratology?

I look up that word, and I find it has the meanings I want already. Or at least to some extent -- I'm not clear that the existing modal/thematic distinction serves, but I can make it work. And of course narratology tends to be structuralist in ways that have to be fixed, but I'm used to that.

Anyways, creation. I'm off track here, and I think I'll get back to this in another post.


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