Sittler quote for the day

From 1979, in a speech to members of the Association of Lutheran College Faculties (ALCF):

"Look at Trinity College, Cambridge. What kind of a college is this? It hasn't anything in it, even today, that most of our colleges talk about. Some of the buildings are falling apart, the food is horrible, the faculty not particularly celebrated. Yet, they turn out generation after generation of extraordinarily competent men and women. The students receive one-to-one education, learn to write English with clarity and precision, and read what they're told. That is what a college does: it accomplishes opening outward and unfolding. When we talk about what constitutes the greatness of a college, we ought to think with a certain creative bewilderment of Trinity College, which has nothing which we think we have to have."


  1. It's true that in so many ways, the training of a liberal, creative and thoughtful mind sometimes requires what we would certainly consider illiberal methods. "[A]nd they read what they are told."

  2. Coming back to this: the key is pedagogy -- paidagogein, the restriction and training of youth by those who professionally know better.


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