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The Obedience of Faith?

An Account of the Divine Logos

Pistachia of Justice

A Big-Enough Concept of Nature

Hierophany and Sanctification

Publish Glad Tidings: Redemption and Release

"These mark the commencement of labor."

"... to imagine a life freed from teleology."

Barth's Grenzfälle and Normative Social Ethics

Doing better on Natural Theology

On "On the Trinity"

Race and Storytelling: Uplift vs. Creation

Oh, goodie: the Evangelicals talk about the doctrine of God

Turning the Parable on its Ear

A Queer Sort of Candidacy Problem

Expanding the Juridical Parable

Reformed and Lutheran Heresiology, and via media

A Bad Positivism

Pride, Sensuality -- and Faith

On Distinction Between and Privation of Goods

As Though It Were Not -- Because God Is

Eating and drinking judgment

More Koine Pedagogy

Loving in the Forgiveness of God

Taking Up the Cross

Theologians and Philosophers at Play

Thoughts on Koine Pedagogy

The Shadow of Justice

Free Will and Sin

Actualist Ontology? (1 of possibly 2)

The Virtue of Humility

Barthian Exegetical Praxis (aka "Preaching")

"You are not expected to understand this."

Arguing with Atheists

Nomos and Pistis

Two Rules -- a Caveat

Hip-Deep in Orality: Developing an Exegetical Method

More Keys to Barth's Creation

The Wind and the Sea Obey Him

How not to start your first junior pastorate...

The Argument of Romans 5-8

Jacob have I loved, and Esau...

Keys to Approaching Barth's Doctrine of Creation

Opening Moves and Playing the Game

Providential Implications for Natural Law

The Unique Opportunity

The Shape and Substance of our Adoption

The Weeds and the Wheat

Not the post on Bible...

Creation, order, and world -- and far too much reliance on John 1

"Nature itself becomes the theatre of grace"

Why it bugs me, and why I don't think I can use it

Princeton Barth-Aquinas Conference: Recap part 2

In the meantime, gospel thoughts.

Princeton Barth-Aquinas Conference: Recap part 1

Sin, disapproval, and John 20:23

The church and the dynamic of salvation, II: mission?

The church and the dynamic of salvation

Text as Codec in Oral Culture

Law and the Purity of the Gospel

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