Rethinking the language of Romans

I have to put this stuff someplace, and here I might just get comment on it: my table of Pauline re-translations.

- euaggelion: proclamation (as of the important one who is coming)
- kerygma: proclamation (of a message)
Note: "gospel" has by now taken on quite a life of its own, and distorts Paul's meaning, so I'm not using it, especially to avoid confusion between "gospel" and "law", as though euaggelion and nomos were in some way opposed. Speaking of which...

- nomos: Torah, instruction, rule -- understood as a guiding social principle or set thereof. Good for what it's good for.
- ergwn nomou: deeds of Torah; Mitzvot, even if it's an anachronism -- urged for conformity, an ethnic marker of full community membership

- kardia: mind
- nous: intellect
- phronema: intention
- syneidesis: self-knowledge, self-witness -- a sort of appeal to the soundness of one who is kalos k'agathos, "of a clean conscience" because not in essential conflict. If your suneidesis bears witness against you, you're engaged in mauvaise foi.

- agathos: good in act (from the surface outward); "what is good"
- kalos: good in essence (from the inside to the surface); "goodness"
- chrestos: good because useful, with a Utilitarian's wet-dream worth of enculturated meanings, like "kindness"

- charis: grace (from above), thanks (from below); not to be confused with epainw, praise (from above).
- eucharistew: I give thanks/praise
- charisma: graciousness (as bestowed from above)
- dwrea: gift
Note: It seems to me to be pointless to put "free" with any of these, since they are terms of social obligation on the one hand, and not purchases on the other. "Free" therefore tends to void exactly what these words presuppose, that a gift produces obligation and responsibility. This is one of the reasons it is wrong to say to your parents that their support is qorban, as though disintermediating God's gifts got you out of obligation instead of placing you in an even greater and more perilous one!

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