There's something broken about this thing.

I never get more than partway through a project online. Blogging is incredibly slow -- not, I'm sure, for some people, but for me. The thoughts are all too long to get right in one sitting, and then the old posts are out of date by the time I get back to them. I can't actually do what I set out to do here -- be more immediate. It takes me all day to be immediate.

Screw twitter. I can't always think in facebook-sized posts, let alone 140 characters. I think I need to start writing, like with pen and paper. Which I do, from time to time, and lose where I put my writing. It's related to the problem I have with other organization. I always start out with scraps of paper. I have a Palm because in college I discovered it could adequately replace scraps of paper in ways more organized paper couldn't. The joys of a now-obsolete device! I keep my hours for work in a spreadsheet, which beats the system of scraps of paper that preceded it. But pensive writing -- the blog was supposed to be a solution. And I don't think I've figured it out yet. Everything comes out as a manifesto or a project.


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