About Aquinas' proofs

Aquinas is all about 0. Nothing. The absence of something. Numerically, it can be seen from a certain angle that each of the proofs of God's existence is a proof redirecting thought from God as 1 in a chain that develops from 1 to all things (2, 3, 4, ...), to God as 1 in contradistinction to 0. Makes sense, given his Aristotle transmitters are Arabic philosophers. The entire world, and all time, lies within the infinite gradient between 0 and 1, on its way from formless nonexistence to existence as eminent form. Which aligns with the objections suggesting that difference is additive, or that any number of other distinctions that are properly gradients of being, are likewise additive. In point of fact, the motion of the universe in its parts from formless matter through desire to embodiment of ultimate form is the reduction of deficiency, but that deficiency is not 2 as opposed to 10. It is fractional being, lack of exemplary wholeness.

To invert directions, the universe runs on entropy, from maximal potential seeking its least entropic state. God is that which knocks the universe and its parts off of successive plateaus of entropic state toward actuality.


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