A Lutheran theological core?

I've tried to write this many times. It wants to come out, but not well. There is too much violence in my soul to sound peaceable about the issue, and too much injustice being done under the name and using the words of God. And part of me says, "You want Luther? I can give you Luther to blister your skin!"

Rob is right, blogging is not the forum in which to express my distaste at the misuses of the Lutheran Confessions concomitant to the misuses of scripture on moral questions. It will not solve the problem. No one will learn. And I will suffer harm for being a violent heretic, in a world where orthodoxy is what the powerful in society say it is.

And I know white people don't like it when you disagree impolitely. But, God, if I don't vent somewhere, I will explode. I'm genuinely angry, and I have tried being not-angry for quite some time, with notable failures. But Nestingen: a highly placed theologian wrapping himself in the flag and pillaging and burning on his way out. Oh, to be at Luther now that the Apocalypse has come! It harms my soul that sexuality stands in as a cipher, enabling the power-games of those who want to prove themselves "gnesio" enough to be in charge. If this is Confessionalism, I want none of it! Where is your Gospel? Who learned from Seminex?

And my father, doing what he's been trained to do, following suit. And my grandfather, about whom I'm sad because I told him what I think, and now I'm scared that I've lost him because I've had no reply. Because I can't think about this and not shout that the orthodoxy being so loudly bruited about is no will of God's! The reasonable-sounding statements others have signed, that couch heteronormativity as though the institution of marriage as an order of creation were part of Lutheran theology that we must keep above even the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ and his triumph over our otherwise irredeemable sin and unrighteousness! This is Lutheranism? This is what you do with your status confessionis? My own people? Can you be serious? None of you has the right to complain about Kulturprotestantismus. You are what so many of you despise by that name. God help us all.

And even that was more than I should have said. For saying that, along with all the other things I shouldn't have said out loud, in ways polite enough for the topic but not polite enough for the people, I will continue to lose. And for even this smaller bit, I will be compelled to apologize. Because I hurt those I love on that other side when I argue for those I love on what they call "the other side." And I don't want to hurt any of them, but I can't keep my fool mouth shut! It hurts when I do it for too long.


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