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Just turned on to Schmid's compendium Lutheran dogmatics, which reminded me of Heppe-Bizer and Denzinger-Schonmetzer. Orthodoxy of the 19th century, as a compendium recovering orthodoxy of the late-16th and 17th centuries. Schneider wonders when I talk about orthodoxy what exactly I mean, but it's always a shortcut in my brain for the age of Protestant and Lutheran orthodoxy, that period in time when the reformers were dying, and their disciples were busy systematically codifying their Truth. Two different orthodoxies, to be sure, when you consider the Calvinist/Lutheran split, but contemporaneous. And this has me thinking of another angle on Barth.

If I want hermeneutics, I'm really best using the source material and its interpretation. Barth's Gottingen courses in dogmatics were grounded in heavy reading of Heppe and Schmid, and if I use them both, plus what I know from the total table of contents, plus the English I have of the GD, plus supplementary sources, I have a means of hitting dogmatics and hermeneutics together.

Just a thought.


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