Ah, musty disuse...

Turns out that the semester in which you try to write prize papers and your thesis isn't the best time to start a blog. Summertime, however, makes for much more free time. Of course, nobody reads this anyways, so I'm really just apologizing pro forma. Let's blow off some of these cobwebs and spray some lysol in here.

I'm starting my Ph.D. work in the fall, in Systematics. My summer project is in the French Structuralists. I'm using the "linguistic turn" as a means of getting behind "post-Modernism" as it has become, to what it should be. Just as my wife finds great theological value in Existentialism, I am finding that Structuralism brings insights that are of the essence when considering theology as a system. de Saussure's Cours is quite useful, following as he explores what linguistics truly must be as a systematic discipline.

Of course, this has been done -- Postmodern Theology is a thing of the 70s and 80s, taking up deconstruction as its analytical method. It is instructive to watch the failures of others. And then there is what theology as a discipline considers to be post-Modern, that being the destruction of human certainty and Enlightenment hubris in the face of the depth of human sin and failure.

More later...


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